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Web Development



The application is operational now for linear cutting and can be accessed by contacting ProMission for Pricing and Registration. We are still working on adding new features to the application. Please keep an eye on our Blog for more information.

 The story behind this web application and how we did it.

We were contacted by one of our clients who was facing an old problem with the steel reinforcement cutting from the Bar Bending Schedule on their sites since they were incurring a lot of wastage.

 Applied ProMission Expertise

  • Analysis of the situation and existing procedures.
  • Mathematical research on the optimization methods.
  • Developing and implementing a fantastic web application that can perform linear cutting optimization within seconds and from anywhere.
  • Training workshop.

Web Application Benefits

  • A complete solution is customized to fit our client's requirements and any company facing the problem of linear cutting optimization.
  • An automated solution that is impossible to be done by hand.
  • A solution that can be accessed anywhere anytime.
  • Increase profit by reducing the wastage of cutting to the optimum, which is sometimes ZERO compared to much higher percentages before using the application.
  • Gain operational efficiency by reducing the chance of human error almost to zero.
  • Minimize the manual effort and speed up the process by preparing cutting patterns with the click of a mouse.
  • Reduce steel waste by 2% and more.
  • Associated reduction in personnel and labor costs.